BlueOrange prepares special greeting for Latvia

May 04, 2017

To commemorate Restoration of Independence Day in Latvia, BlueOrange has prepared an exceptionally beautiful gift to the entire country and its many visitors.

In cooperation with the MASKA and PA SAULEI choirs directed by Jānis Ozols, bank staff sang a song called “VINDO” at the Dome Square.

This song is unique for its abstract lyrics. It was previously performed with great emotion at the Song Festival Bandstand by a gathering of Nordic and Baltic choirs. “VINDO” is a song that embodies joy, energy, and the creative spirit. So do we at BlueOrange, and this is our message to our home country.

At the end of the song, a variety of blue and orange balloons were released into the air. Video recorded this BlueOrange flash mob timed to the state holiday on 4 May is available here.