An account to bring you closer to your goals

The BluOr Bank personal account is a tool for the investment and control of your finances

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Powerful money management infrastructure

Everything online

Making deposits and opening accounts remotely for businesses and residents of the EU, EEA, Switzerland and UK

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Temporary and savings accounts

Accounts for depositing share capital prior to company incorporation; savings accounts with favorable rates

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Asset management

Tailored management strategies, experienced brokers, state-of-the-art trading platforms

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Available 24/7

Internet banking and mobile application, instant payments and currency exchange

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BluOr Bank mobile app

Full control over your finances and all banking services at your fingertips

Mastercard Classic and Mastercard Gold PAYMENT CARDS

Commission-free payments in Latvia and abroad, personal credit line, additional cards for family members

Savings — you don’t even need an account at BluOr Bank

EU residents are able to place fixed term deposits without opening an account
- Rates of up to 1.11%
- The service is available remotely

How to open an account for residents of Latvia

For citizens and non-citizens of Latvia, as well as residents of Latvia who have a permanent or temporary (at least 6 months) residence permit, account opening is available remotely. Fill in the application in our Client Cabinet.

How to open an account for residents of the EU, EEA*, Switzerland and the UK

Opening the account is available remotely. Please fill in the application and the questionnaire and send them to the e-mail address:, and we will contact you!

How to open an account for persons from other countries

Opening the account is available only by visiting the Bank. Please fill in a short Application, and we will contact you!

Opening an online account 

A BluOr Bank account — an efficient way to manage your money


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