Website Use Regulations

Before you commence using the website, hereinafter referred to as the Website, please study these Website Terms of Use (Terms).

By visiting the Website or using any information and services provided therein, or any information and services provided with its use, you personally – or, if you are acting on someone else’s behalf, the person whom you represent – agree to comply with these Terms.

The purpose of creating and maintaining the Website is to inform users of the Website about the operation of BluOr Bank AS, unified registration No. 40003551060, hereinafter referred to as the Bank and/or BluOr, the products and services it offers, and the terms and conditions for using and applying such. The Website may also include information on any representative offices and branches of the Bank, companies related to the Bank, their respective representative offices and the services they offer, and the foundation established by shareholders of the Bank, and therefore the Terms also apply to such information provided on the Website.

If the terms and conditions for some specific product or service contradict the Terms, the relevant terms and conditions shall prevail.

1. General Terms and Conditions for Using the Bank’s Website

1.1. The Website address must be entered into a browser manually before each visit. The Website may also be accessed via hyperlinks placed on third party websites.

1.2. The Bank may unilaterally change the content of the Website at any time.

1.3. The content of the Website is provided for reference only. The terms and conditions of services presented on the Website shall become binding for the Bank in relation to a specific client only once they are incorporated into an agreement between the Bank and the client.

1.4. The information presented on the Website shall not be treated as an offer, suggestion or request to purchase services of the Bank, unless the Bank specifies otherwise.

1.5. The Website is not addressed to parties to whom applicable legislation or regulatory enactments prohibit access to this Website, or do not allow use thereof, for reasons of such parties’ citizenship, location, or place of residence. Parties prohibited from accessing or using the Website, as well as parties in doubt as to whether they may access the Website are hereby asked to leave the Website immediately.

1.6. The Bank shall not guarantee that the information presented on the Website is always accurate and complete, with the exception of information that is published under the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia or that follows from the legal relationship between the Bank and its clients.

1.7. The Bank shall not guarantee access to products and/or services specified on the Website.

1.8. The information presented on the Website is, to the best of our knowledge, obtained from reliable sources, although this shall not relieve any party from the obligation to evaluate independently any information presented on the Website, or the usefulness thereof.

1.9. Users of the Website may utilise the functional solutions presented on the Website (e.g. currency exchange tool ). The functional solutions shall operate on the basis of current information and are provided for reference only. The Bank shall not undertake any liability for technical errors that may arise during the use of the functional solutions, or any consequences of such errors. Use of the functional solutions shall in no case represent liabilities or obligations for the Bank to provide services of this type.

2. Liability

2.1. The Bank shall not be liable for any expenses or loss due to the use of the Website, also if the Bank or its representative has been aware of errors on the Website. Prior to filling out the forms of documents available on the Website, you should contact the Bank’s representative.

2.2. The Bank shall not be responsible for losses that may result from using the Website or information it contains or because of unavailability of a service or a product offered on the Website, or due to unavailability of the Website or some part of it, for any reason, or interruptions or termination of the Website’s operation.

3. Links to Other Websites

3.1. The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites of third parties. The Bank shall not be responsible for the content of third-party websites and services they provide therein, as well as for any loss or damage resulting from visiting such websites using the textual links on the Website.

4. Use of Identification Data and Passwords

4.1. You undertake to use your identification data and passwords assigned by the Bank only in accordance with the General Terms of Business of the Bank and agreements signed between you and the Bank.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1. The Bank and/or third parties, if the Website defines it directly, shall retain ownership, copyright, and all other intangible rights to the Website, its textual, graphical and other kind of visual information as well as to audio and other kind of information presented on the Website. Any copying, distribution, modification, addition, or reproduction of the Website’s content and information it contains shall not be allowed without a written consent of the owner of intellectual property rights.

5.2. The content of the Website may be quoted only providing a reference to the source from which this information is obtained.

5.3. Use of the Website and the information specified therein shall not be allowed other than for personal purposes and for reference only.

6. Privacy Disclaimer

6.1. The Bank shall not collect any of your personal data on this Internet site, if only the information submitted by you voluntarily (for example, by sending us an e-mail, completing a form, using the chat window (providing the e-mail for further communication with the Bank), settling payments on the Bank's home page). Any information provided by you in this manner shall not be available to third parties and shall only be used by the Bank for the purposes for which you have provided it. Detailed information on the processing of data of individuals by the Bank is included in the Bank’s Privacy Policy.

6.2. Whenever you visit the Website, the Bank shall record the following technical data:

6.2.1. which sections of the Website you visit;

6.2.2. which Internet site you visited before visiting the Website;

6.2.3. which browser you use when visiting the Website;

6.2.4. the screen resolution of your computer;

6.2.5. the operating system of your computer;

6.2.6. IP address used for accessing the Website.

This information is required for enhancing the operation of the Bank’s Website, summarising statistical data, aimed at adjusting the Website to meet preferences of the Bank’s clients. The Bank shall make no attempt to identify individual visitors and shall not relate any of the aforementioned technical details to any one person. The Bank respects the privacy of Website users and shall never disclose the technical details to third parties.

6.3. Operation of this Website involves using cookies, thus providing more opportunities for using the Website. Your Internet browser settings allow you to disable cookies, which will result in limiting your options when using the Website.

7. Applicable Terms

7.1. Operation of this Website is regulated by, and these Terms are subordinated to, the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Any disputes arising in connection with use of the Website or in connection with these Terms shall be resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Republic of Latvia.