Documentary letter of credit

Reliable settlements for exporters and importers

Use the letter of credit (L/C) to pay for the goods purchased from a foreign seller

It is convenient because:

you dictate the terms of the issued letter of credit in accordance with the concluded contract;
payment will be made by your bank only if ALL the presented documents comply with the terms of the letter of credit;
without your consent, the bank will not pay for the presented documents if they do not comply with the terms of the letter of credit;
you will be able to prepare for the acceptance of goods in advance, having the necessary documents (usually, it takes longer to deliver
the goods than to process the documents , especially if delivered by sea).


  • Fill out the Documentary credit (letter of credit) application. In addition to the list of documents, terms and other conditions under the contract with the exporter, indicate whether you are willing to cover the L/C with your funds or require a loan.

  • The bank will consider your application and, if approved, will issue a letter of credit.

  • You will be provided with a copy of the SWIFT message sent to the exporter’s bank.

  • After receiving the necessary documents, the bank will check whether they comply with the terms of the L/C, and if no discrepancies detected, will transfer the payment to the exporter’s bank and release the documents.

  • In case the presented documents do not comply with the terms of the L/C, the bank will pay for the documents only after receiving your consent to accept and pay for the documents that will be delivered to you.

We issue a L/C with a full or partial coverage by providing a credit line.

We provide a credit limit which can be secured by goods in transit, goods in stock, other assets, real estate, etc.

No extra charge for advising clients within the term of servicing the L/C.

The letter of credit (L/C) is a reliable way for exporters to get paid for the goods they sell to a foreign buyer


  • The bank will inform you about the L/C issued in your favour

  • After receiving the L/C, check whether it meets the terms of the contract

  • If the terms of the L/C do not comply with the terms of the contract, you can contact the importer to make changes

  • Evaluate your ability to ship goods in the required quantity within the specified time

  • Make sure that you can process all the documents and submit them to your bank not later than the deadline specified in the L/C

  • Pay attention what fees need to be paid by you

  • Submit the documents specified in the L/C to your bank, which will be sent to the partner’s bank to receive the payment

  • Funds received from your partner’s bank will be credited to your company’s current account

Advising of the letter of credit issued in your favour

Confirmation of L/C issued by foreign banks – we pay instead of the bank that has issued the L/C

Assignment of proceeds – at your request, we can issue an assignment of part of the proceeds under the L/C in favour of your supplier and transfer it upon receipt of the payment

Discounting of L/C with a deferred payment – at your request, we can pay part of the amount of the L/C before the deferred payment deadline specified in the L/C

Assistance in receiving the payment if payment is denied due to non-complying documents

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