Europe's largest Subaru car centre under construction with support from BluOr Bank

October 04, 2023

With BluOr Bank’s financing in the amount of EUR 2.14 million, the construction of Europe’s largest Subaru car centre has begun in Ulmaņa gatve. Here, the official representative of the Subaru automaker in Latvia, SIA “AD REM Auto”, will provide car sales and maintenance services. The project is expected to have a total investment of EUR 2.8 million.

“In recent years, the car dealership market has experienced many challenges, so we are particularly pleased to see unwavering and sustainability-oriented local businesses among our lending clients. BluOr Bank continues to actively implement the lending program for small and medium-sized enterprises, for which more than EUR 150 million have been allocated in total this year,” comments BluOr Bank CEO Dmitrijs Latiševs.

The new car centre will be designed as a nearly zero-energy building and will be located in 84B, K.Ulmaņa gatve. Representatives of the company note that this will be the largest Subaru car centre in Europe and perhaps the most energy efficient car centre in Latvia. It is planned to install 216 solar panels on its roof with a total system capacity of 78kW. According to estimates, they will be able to generate 70,080 kWh of green energy during the year, providing about 40% of the electricity required for the operation of the car centre. At the same time, cascading heat pumps will also provide additional energy efficiency and environmentally friendly heating of the building.

For the convenience of customers and visitors of the Subaru car centre, there will be four high-capacity fast electric car charging stations nearby – it will take 10-15 minutes to replenish the energy supply of the car’s battery for the next 100 kilometres. Also, separate charging points for electric cars will be installed on the territory of the complex to meet the needs of car service customers.

“The new autocentre will provide both new jobs, and wider and more convenient availability of car-related services for customers. Already at the moment, Subaru can be proud of stable and instant car deliveries. As Riga continues to show the greatest activity in automotive sales and car services, we see a strong market potential here, allowing us to open a dealership in Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve, which is one of the busiest highways in the city,” says Māris Īle, the owner of the group of companies.

With the opening of the new car centre, “AD REM Auto” plans to significantly increase sales, aiming to raise the market share of new Subaru cars in Latvia above 3%.

Active construction work is currently underway at the construction site of the building. It is planned that the new car centre will open its doors to customers already in spring of next year. The total area of the autocentre and service buildings will be more than 1,400 sq.m, and the entire complex will cover an area of 6,612 sq.m.