Changes to the Board of BluOr Bank

February 29, 2024

Board member Dmitrijs Feldmans has concluded his employment with BluOr Bank as of 29 February 2024, thereby stepping down from the BluOr Bank Board to pursue career opportunities in another field.

Dmitrijs Feldmans joined the bank's team in 2010 and has been a pivotal member of the bank's executive committee for many years. Since 2019, he has also served on the BluOr Bank Board.

Dmitrijs' expertise and knowledge in servicing corporate clients and managing business operations have been invaluable to the bank's growth and development. His contributions have positioned the bank as a prominent player in the financial market, focusing on the needs of entrepreneurs, establishing the highest customer service standards, and attracting an increasing number of Latvian companies, with the bank becoming an important partner in turn.

The leadership of BluOr Bank expresses its gratitude to Dmitrijs Feldmans for his dedicated service and significant contribution to the development of BluOr Bank.

In the composition of the BluOr Bank board, its chairman Dmitrijs Latiševs continues his work, along with board members Inga Preimane and Vadims Morozs.