BluOr Bank mobile application

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Easy, convenient and safe - banking services in your mobile device!

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Quick login to your mobile bank

Log into mobile bank quickly and at any time

  • Quick login function allows you to set your PIN and log into the mobile bank quicker.

  • You may still continue to use other authorization devices – physical Digipass or its mobile version Blue KEY, which is integrated in the mobile app for prompt and easy operations.

  • The mobile app is equipped with biometric identification to allow authorisation with Touch ID (available for Android) and Face ID (available for iPhone X)

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Information about accounts and cards

Keep control over your accounts and transactions

  • Quick balance option allows you to access and view balances of the selected accounts.

  • View account information, balance and transactions.

  • View information on your cards, as well as quickly activate or block your card if this is required.

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Transactions and payment of invoices

Use application for any type of payments or other transactions

  • Quickly and easy make payments between your accounts or from templates

  • Check currency exchange rates and make currency exchange deals

  • Make payments in euros to other Latvian banks

  • Send bank details to a phone number or email with just a few clicks.

And even more!
With BluOr Bank mobile application you may

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    Communicate with the bank

  • Read the bank’s news

• To protect your mobile device, always keep it locked with a passkey and never disclose the key to anyone.

• Do not hand a device containing the BluOr Bank mobile app over to third parties.

The application was developed by BluOr BankAS, reg. No. LV 40003551060.
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